Consultancy and Educational Services in   

Microelectronic  and  Microsystem  

Testable Design & Testing 

TwenTest  is a  Dutch technical consultancy company located near the city of Enschede in the high-tech ICT  region of Twente, in the eastern part of the Netherlands bordering Germany.

  The working area of TwenTest is testable design and testing of analogue, digital and mixed-signal microelectronics & microsystems. Customers are usually large semiconductor companies, , ATE manufacturers, design houses and governmental institutions.

TwenTest offers the following services:

Technical consultancy for industry in the area of testable design and testing of mixed-signal microelectronics, and testable design of microsystems. Microsystems are considered to be single chip or multi-chip modules, including multi-domain sensors and actuators (e.g. MEMS) and associated analogue/digital signal processing. Services can include testability analysis, fault simulation, chip design of special Design-for-Test structures and test generation. Guidance during the entire design cycle is recommended.


Consultancy for Dutch and European governmental funding agencies with respect to large proposals of industries or academia in the areas discussed above.


Multi-day on-site courses (world-wide) in the areas of testable design and testing of analogue, digital and mixed analogue/digital microelectronics and microsystems. Recently, also a course on theory and applications of the mixed-signal boundary-scan standard (IEEE 1149.4) and digital are being offered.  Presentations are PowerPoint based, and exercises and sheets with brief comments are included.


Selling of Compact Discs (CD) with interactive graphics and synchronized speech with  courses in the area of testable design and test of mixed analogue/digital microelectronics and microsystems. Interactive questionnaires with marks and explanation of answers are included. In the near future these modules will become commercially available on our Web site.


    A nice example of a Design-for-Test module  design embedded in a microsystem (MCM) environment:   

Layout of a CMOS mixed-signal boundary-scan cell which can be used in an active  substrate  Multi-Chip Module (MCM). It is based on the IEEE 1149.4 standard.
MSBS_1.gif (128004 bytes)