Educational Services




  TwenTest offers three modular courses ranging from half a day up to three days in the area of:





   Courses can be given at a convenient site in the Netherlands or on-site all over the world. Dedicated test courses, emphasizing on special subjects in the area of testing can be prepared and given on request. The courses are given by experts having a long tracking record in industrial and academic courses.


    The course material consists of the presented power-point slides and a brief explanation of all essential information per slide. An extensive, up-to-date reference list is provided dealing with important developments. In some cases, a commercial book is accompanying the course for additional material. For more detailed information go to the "contact us" button.

    Following a course is often the basis for further cooperation in a dedicated industrial  project.


     For some modules in the test courses, now also CDs are available featuring animated presentations with synchronized speech explanation. At the end, a tool is included to check if the basic concepts are understood. Also included is a syllabus with all PowerPoint slides. The CDs cost  $150,-- each,  excluding handling and posting costs. For more detailed information go to the "Products" button.