Testable  Design and  Testing of Analogue & 

Mixed -Signal VLSI Systems  



(A three-days modular course)






Fault modelling




Test generation and fault simulation




Testability Analysis and Design-for-Test (DfT) Approaches




Testable Design & Test of Stand-Alone Analogue Chips & Embedded Cores




Built-In Self-Test of Analogue Macros




RF Testing of Analogue Cores




Analogue System Testing 



         Click for a slide  example of the  PowerPoint   presentation of the course analogue & mixed-signal testable design and testing

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   The course consists of 8 modules.  Each module takes between 1 to 3 hours. Also a single or a combination of modules can be provided, depending on the specific requirements. If single modules are requested, basic knowledge on testable design and test is assumed.